Wednesday, 24 December 2008

The Gentle Lemur's Family Skills

The Gentle Lemur comes from a family of talented Lemurs. Grandpa Lemur was a craftsman in leather, making top class dressing cases. Nana Lemur was a talented amateur artist and piano player, as was Mummy Lemur.

Those grandparents were also very creative chefs and whilst his mother followed recipes rather than experimented the results were equally good. The Gentle Lemur's brother is equally talented in that regard and is a good photographer.

Daddy Lemur was a first class wood and metalworker and if he needed a tool for a job he didn't pop along to B & Q, he made it! Bother Lemur inherited much of Daddy Lemurs skills.

The Gentle Lemur's children each have their own talents which include artistic ability, photography, writing skills and various musical instruments.

This site is dedicated to all those folk and will display some of their work.